Artwork for the music release “In The Name Of​.​.​.” by Unquiet Music Ltd

“I knew and appreciated Bernhard’s music for quite some time, but was introduced to his graphical design activities only when preparing the CD and booklet for Unquiet Music Ltd’s “In the name of” that was issued late 2020.

I had selected a few images and had some ideas, but couldn’t give them a proper form. I must say that the huge diversity and daring quality of Bernhard’s work seemed a natural fit since these were precisely the aspects of the music I wanted to illustrate. And it went beyond expectation.

Although – or maybe because – he was so experimented, Bernhard’s approach was quite respectful and flexible, and the embryonic ideas I had put forward were well nurtured and grew up quickly. Some photos were re-worked, and a new original drawing from Bernhard was included for “The father” section, based on a poor quality picture I took in Nigeria some 25 years ago.

The overall color and feel of the package was adjusted in details, with a slight gradient of blue green, and we came with an “homogeneous patchwork” well in tone of the hour of musical experience proposed. Friendly, focused and fearless. Thank you Bernhard.” – Jean-Philippe Rossi

The work I carried out for Jean-Philippe:
· Illustration
· CD Cover and Label Design
· Image Processing
· Pre-press Handling

Let me know if you’d like to work on a project of yours together.

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