Wöstheinrich, Spahn & Lankow – Materiaal 055︱The Wedding Sessions 20220129

Materiaal Series, Vol. 055

Free Download only for a limited time!

Recording of the third session together with artist Wolfgang Spahn and his large, self-built modular system in Wolfgang’s studio in the Gerichtshöfe, January 29, 2022; Wedding district in Berlin.

This release is themed op-art, as Christine Kriegerowski has contributed her takes on Vasarely’s “Reech”.

Wolfgang Spahn is an Austrian-German visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations and performances of light & sound. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focuses on both their contradiction and their correlation. That’s why he is also specialized in re-appropriated and re-purposed electronic technologies.

For his creations he explores the abilities of hardware, constantly pushing its limitations in order to make it serve his artistic concept. Recently he developed analogue synthesizers as well as analogue computers and analog neuron networks and uses them to create abstract light-and-sound-sculptures.



Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Keyboards and virtual synthesizers, Live-Sequencing
Wolfgang Spahn: self-built analog synthesizers and neuron networks
Volker Lankow: drones and samples

Mastering: Markus Reuter

Artwork: Christine Kriegerowski (kriegerowski.org)

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