Perihel / Aphel; an early short movie

a short movie from 1993
Perihel / Aphel; a minimalistic thriller

‘Perihel’ is the point of closest distance of a body or an object to the sun on its elliptical orbit, ‘Aphel’ means the point of its greatest distance.

Watch a guy picking up a close friend from the train station in this filmlet from 1993.

“Perihel / Aphel” is a minimalistic thriller in both sound and sight. A sprawling
composition by Centraal – Thorsten Niestrath and Bernhard Wöstheinrich’s band name before they converted to centrozoon – weaves around the story of one man picking up a close friend from the train station.

Plotted and staged in deliberately simple ways by Bernd Thiele and Bernhard Wöstheinrich, the film tells its story through images and music alone.

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