Live-on-Air Performance: A Modul303 studio concert featuring Erik Emil Eskildsen

Saturday, May 2at 8:00pm CEST

Erik Emil Eskildsen (electric guitar and electronics) and Bernhard Wöstheinrich synthesizer and electronics) have been working as a duo since 2011, when they first started playing and recording together.

Basing all their music on completely free improvisation, they explore the gray zones within and between genres of new music. While not being afraid of playing “the wrong notes”, they still have their feet grounded in the tradition of new, as well as classic electronic music.

Their work together so far has led to their debut album “Ambidextrous Sun”, which not only celebrates the fruit of their conjoint efforts, but also the birth of a new genre that they refer to as “loljazz”.

On this night Bernhard and Erik will tone their “loljazz chops” down a bit, and take the audience on a journey into their sound universe, accompanied by a more ambient version of their duo.

Erik is an experimental guitarist and composer from Denmark, who now resides in Vienna, Austria. Most of his output as a musician comes through improvised music, be that in solo endeavors, different collaborations, or in the Viennese band The Friendly Guitar Trio.

The Modul 303 studio has limited space for audience. If you like to attend to the gig in person just send a message! We’d love to meet you there!

Ambidextrous Sun at

For more info on Erik Emil Eskildsen:

See also the facebook-event

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