Video: Gütersloh Bülbül, Live with David Rothenberg

Gütersloh BülbülLive recordings in three sections from May 19th 2015 of the performance together with David Rothenberg (Clarinet, Sax & iPad) and Markus Strothmann (Drums)

David Rothenberg’s release “Berlin Bülbül” (Bülbül: turkish for nightingale) consists of live recordings made with nightingales and inspired by their electronic-sounding virtuosity.

For his concert at the Kleine Bühne in Gütersloh on May 19th 2015 David expanded the project and invited Bernhard Wöstheinrich (keyboards and electronics), and Markus Strothmann (drums).
The music was based on his compositions involving bird, whale, and insect sounds along with live improvisation.

Thanks to Kleine Bühne e. V., Wolfgang Hein, Julia Peschke and Judith Krafczyk, who organized and supported this event.

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