Live in Concert: Cool Spring with David Rothenberg

David Rothenberg with Friend
David Rothenberg with Friend, experiencing a David-Attenborough-moment. Photo by Umru Rothenberg

David Rothenberg: clarinet and electronics
Bernhard Wöstheinrich: keyboards and electronics

Friday, March 18 2016

at 7:30 PM

Brunnenstraße 56
13355 Berlin,  Germany


Admission: 5€, a special dinner menu is available for and additional 7€

David and Bernhard have been playing together for three years, and it happens whenever the two are in the same country.
This March we find them both in Berlin, back at the lovely Estonian-themed Cafe Jää äär, which means “ice’s edge” and by then the spring should be warm and hopeful — maybe.
Unexpected music for a Cool Spring…

ECM recording artist David Rothenberg wrote “Why Birds Sing“, published in six languages and turned into a BBC TV show. He has written other books about making music with whales and bugs, has sixteen CDs out and is working on a book about the
nightingales of Berlin and the musicians who play with them.

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