Release: Live in Philadelphia 2015

released April 1, 2016 | Materiaal Series, Part VI | Recorded live to 2-track stereo at Chuck van Zyl’s Star’s End radio show on WXPN, Philadelphia, October 11, 2015

Like all of the recordings of the performance of the US tour 2015 the music is composed in the moment and performed without pre-recordings. All structures and accompaniments are created and generated during the performance in real time using complex live-looping- and live-sequencing systems.

Traditional, romantic piano motifs start off this piece in the Materiaal Series, Bernhard Live at Stars End: Part VI.  Ever-so-slightly melancholy, the piano fades as the Wöstheinrich wanderlust beckons, increasing with intensity, with building electronic murmurings of things to come.  Farewells are exchanged.  There’s no time for looking back now.

Bernard and his electronic wonderments, composing live on stage in the moment, create pulsing rhythms reminiscent of machines and rails to propel us to explore less traveled territory.  The feeling now is more industrial, less showy, fewer frills. The rough-hewn intensity of jagged yet pristine sound speaks to hard work and a passion for survival.

When the intensity fades, the struggle subsides, and the soothing satisfaction of accomplishment and triumph settles into your weary muscles, you can relax as the rhythm of rails caresses and returns you safely home.  – Kathy Melaas


Editing and mastering: Markus Reuter
Cover drawing: Christine Kriegerowski

Special thanks to Chuck van Zyl and the whole crew that was around at the studio of WXPN in Philadelphia & George “G$” Bley


Live at Star's End
Live at Star’s End in the early morning of October 11, 2015. Photo by Jeff Towne

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