Live in Concert: The Tangram Quartet

Tangram Quartet

Saturday, June 11 at 8:00pm
@ Where is Jesus Temporary Space, Wrangelstrasse 57, 10997 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Admission: free

After an improvisation concert not directly in a garage but in the neighbourhood of repair shops in the outskirts of Berlin Neukölln the percussionist Volker Lankow suggested to his
co-musicians that they go on as Tangram Quartet; Bianca G. (Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra) changes her voice and her co-musicians’ signals electronically, Volker Lankow uses an analogue trap kit with instruments from all over the world for chromatic percussion, Leander Reininghaus (Neues Glas and Ornah-Mental) plays the guitar, even if it doesn’t always sound like that, and Bernhard Wöstheinrich (centrozoon) makes music with synthesizers and electronic devices.
Tangram & quartet – how does that work? Don’t you use seven shapes to build a form? Well, the four band members play uncommon rhythms, like seven to four, and Guitton, Reininghaus and Wöstheinrich use digital effects units that distort the incoming signals, repeat or loop them and in this way at least double their players. And as from the distinct elements in Tangram unique images and sounds result that are hard to analyse or reconstruct: the communally improvised music unfolds rhythmically, hypnotically, melodically, noise-like, ecstatically, pushing or easing – and sometimes all at once.

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