Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Urban Vectors, Part 1 & 2

Materiaal Series, Part 013 / 014

In this releases the pieces from a solo performance/installation titled “Urban Vectors – Sounds of the Metropolis” are presented in its entirety.

The performance took place on the occasion of “Lange Nacht der Bilder” (“The Long Night of the Pictures”) in Lichtenberg, Berlin, Sept. 14, 2018 at Ratskeller – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst / Gallery for Contemporary Art in the basement of the town hall Lichtenberg.

released January 11, 2019

Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Sampler & Granular Synthesis, Keyboards, Live-Arrangement

Editing and mastering: Markus Reuter
Cover drawing: Christine Kriegerowski

Special thanks:
Marisa Maza, Silvia Eschrich and the whole team at the gallery in the town hall of Lichtenberg, Berlin

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