Release: Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Wolfgang Spahn – The Wedding Sessions 20201008

Materiaal Series, Part XXXI | released October 20, 2020 | Recording of the first session of Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Wolfgang Spahn, taking place at Wolfgang‘s studio at Gerichtshöfe, Oct. 08, 2020; district Wedding in Berlin.
In these sessions Bernhard and Wolfgang were sounding out and exploring possibilities for their collaboration project.

Wolfgang Spahn is an Austrian-German visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations and performances of light & sound. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focuses on both their contradiction and their correlation. That’s why he is also specialized in re-appropriated and re-purposed electronic technologies.

For his creations he explores the abilities of hardware, constantly pushing its limitations in order to make it serve his artistic concept. Recently he developed analogue synthesizers as well as analogue computers and analog neuron networks and uses them to create abstract light-and-sound-sculptures.

– a listening manual, by Christine Kriegerowski

By connecting different players, here Bernhard and Wolfgang, you can change the integrator circuit on the board and connect so many different men and women to the input that you can make any kind of confetti neuron. You can flexibly support different applications. You can download realistic illustrations of confetti machines and neuro-neurons from our website. It is all very simple.

As Shunichi Amari explains in his neural model, the combination of these two men is expected to perform our acoustic impacts. It will ignite and not ignite when a certain input level is present.

By adding resistor and interlock, you can create excitatory (EXC) or suppressor (INH) neurons from the Confetti Neuron 501 module, depending on the settings.

It is a pleasant surprise in music theory that random codes are efficient codes. Randomness plays a nice role. So Bernhard plays beautiful music, just as a coincidentally connected deep neural network results in the interaction with Wolfgang. It has many wonderful properties. We concentrate on the following fact:

Every shopping bag is realized in close proximity to every randomly connected deep neural network. However, you must always make sure that there are not too many eggplants in it. This has been proven in the theory of the neural tangent core. The proof is supported by a high-dimensional magic that the projection of a sphere on a low-dimensional subspace shrinks drastically. Thus the geometry of the parameter space of a deep mesh is elucidated. Oranges are simpler.



Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Keyboards and virtual synthesizers, Live-Sequencing
Wolfgang Spahn: self-built analog synthesizers and neuron networks

Mastering: Markus Reuter
Artwork by Christine Kriegerowski (

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