Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Tim Motzer – Live at Radio RSD 20170527

Materiaal Series, Part XLII

Recorded live on May 27, 2017, broadcast of Frank Somalus’ show at RSD-Radio, Berlin, Germany.

“I remember vividly flying past many tall buildings in Bernhard’s sister’s speeding old blue convertible and the blur of a vast German boulevard somewhere in former East Berlin. It was a long drive and rather dream-like. I had just finished a European tour with Bandit65 with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Gintas Janusonis, and was now here in Berlin visiting my great friend & colleague Bernhard to play a few shows.
This radio broadcast set was quite inspired. We had not improvised together in quite a long time, perhaps a few years. It was so good to be back in Berlin among friends. I still remember the feeling, as it was the last time I’ve been there since Covid-19 has taken hold of our planet. Listening to this brings back so many memories, and our performance that day went to amazing places. I believe it to be my favorite concert we’ve ever done thus far.
We hope you will enjoy this magic sonic ride, filled with mysterious melodic and harmonic sequences, ever shifting driving rhythmic terrain, beauitiful transitions and colours like I’ve never heard or experienced since. We were so in it. This is so ON! This magic duo. This is a great one folks.” – Tim Motzer

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Tim Motzer – Guitar, Electronics
Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Keyboards and virtual synthesizers, Live-Sequencing
recorded live in Berlin at RSD-Radio

Mastering: Markus Reuter
Artwork by Christine Kriegerowski (

Thank you to Frank Somalus!

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