Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Leander Reininghaus – billions of years before the end of the world

Materiaal Series, Part 058

Recording of the live performance by Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Leander Reininghaus on the occasion of the finissage of Christine Kriegerowski and Bernd Riehm’s exhibition “Billions of years before the end of the world, rhapsody for two” at Wolfram Spyra’s Gallery World Wide Window, August 21th, 2022

Leander and Bernhard have picked up the vibes of the detailed, lively, desperately admonishing, but always humorously distanced images by Riehm and Kriegerowski and complemented them musically the with their mesmerising, yet powerful soundscapes, full of atmosphere.


Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer
Leander Reininghaus – Keyboards, iPad

Editing and mastering: Markus Reuter
Artwork by Christine Kriegerowski (

Special thanks to Wolfram Spyra and Roksana Vikaluk for their
generous hospitality!

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