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Release: Bernhard – Live in New Jersey

Bernhard - Live in New Jersey
Bernhard - Live in New Jersey

Two of the 2011 US-North-East tour concerts are now available as “Live in New Jersey 2011”.
The release documents the concerts at the Equinoxygene Festival in Hackensack, NJ and the Live-on-Air performance at
Mike Hunter’s “Music with Space” at WPRB in Princeton.

The two music-episodes of 50 and 15 minutes in length span the range from floating ambient sections, classically
inspired synthesizer music to sequencer work-outs and innovative electronica.

Please enjoy this release as a free download or at any price you wish to pay for it.

Editing and Mastering: Markus Reuter
Digital Artwork: Mike Hunter
Drawing and Design: Bernhard Wöstheinrich

centrozoon – Vacuum Love, Vol. 2 (Archive Series)

Vacuum Love, Vol. 1-5 is the first batch of centrozoon’s archival releases. It was recorded live to 2-track DAT in and around October 1998, years before centrozoon released their first official album. The music is presented as is, uncensored. These sessions (some of which were recorded live in the studio, some live on stage) hint unmistakably at what was to come.

We’re proud to finally being able to present this music in its entirety. There are some technical flaws with some of the recordings, but we’ve left them untouched in order to not mess with the flow of the improvisations. This music is the seed of centrozoon as we know it.


released December 2, 2007

markus reuter – touch guitars, processing
bernhard wöstheinrich – synthesizers, sequencers

cover artwork by maria garofalo
layout by bernhard wöstheinrich