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Reichenhall – Perpetuum Polygon

This album tells a fictional story; A group of puzzle freaks meet on the so-called Krautenberg (“Krauten Hill”) to hone their self-oscillating inventions. They are pursuing the goal to synchronize their appliances and to combine it into one great polygonic object, which, once started up, keeps being in motion eternally without any further external energy supply.
This object takes its energy from a Brownian ratchet (“Molekulare Ratsche”), an imaginary nano machine that converts thermal energy into mechanical work at the molecular level. This device is being manually operated by Maxwell’s demon.
The result of all these endeavors becomes an ever-growing conglomeration of sound!


Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Sequencer, Keyboards & Synthesizer
Lukas Radiomodul: Loopmachine
Mathieu Sylvestre (SONUS EORUM): Looper and Electronics, Real-time Sound Transformations
Volker Lankow: Percussion and Drones

Edited & produced by Mathieu Sylvestre
Mastering by Markus Reuter

Artwork based on a design by Garry Killian / Freepik


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