Gütersloh Polyphony Event Series: Strothmann-Walter-Wöstheinrich-Trio

Gütersloh Polyphony Event Series: Strothmann-Walter-Wöstheinrich-Trio
Pulsations of drums and bass drifting along with spacey synthesizer-atmospheres

Markus Strothmann – Drums
UFO Walter – Bass (Randy Hansen Experience, Marla Glen, Alex Oriental Experience etc.)
Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Synthesizers

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centrozoon – Boner I &II

Animation: Mia Plassmann, video edit: Bernd Thiele

Centrozoon’s “boner” is another dive into unexplored territory and impossible combinations of references, where dozens of hours of music are distilled into an endlessly deep texture of frightening as well as captivating moods.

Taking their “instant composition” approach a step further, the trio has radically re-composed the initial recording sessions using a rule-based procedure to distribute the material within predetermined structures. With additional overdubbing and arranging, the resulting music is exceptionally dense in all musical dimensions, but nonetheless rendered lucid and transparent in the mix.

This new approach of compression and consolidation has also already carried over into centrozoon’s live activity as showcased on the recent “We Will Tongue You Tour 2011/2012”. Night after night, the audiences in this run of 13 concerts throughout Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria saw the band improvise highly structured compositions.

The music featured on the group’s previous album releases include the electronica soundscapes of “blast” (2000), the disturbing free-form mayhem of “the cult of: bibbiboo” (2002), “angel liquor” (2006) or the reduced chamber electronics of “lovefield” (2007).

“boner” is centrozoon’s first studio release with the second trio configuration in the band’s history of 20 years. Whereas the first trio release, 2004’s “Never Trust The Way You Are” with No-Man singer Tim Bowness, showcased the group’s abilities to apply their unique compositional approach to pop music, “boner” goes to another extreme and, having added Tobias Reber to the classic line up of Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Markus Reuter in 2008, delivers instrumental music of a radical kind that is bound to challenge even dedicated fans of experimental musics.

Another important aspect of the concept was to give the recordings to several producers to have a series of different interpretations of the same material.
In the end, two producers have met the challenge, Marziano Fontana from Italy and Adrian Benavides from Texas.

centrozoon boner II
mixed and sequenced by marziano fontana, lucca, italy, spring 2011
centrozoon boner II
mixed and sequenced by adrian benavides for unsung productions, austin tx, usa, spring 2011

bernhard wöstheinrich – synths, programming, vocals
markus reuter – touch guitar, electronics
tobias reber – electronics, field recordings, programming, touch guitar (on “cervus”), synths, misheard lyrics

recorded in gütersloh, germany, november 5 and 6, 2009

composed, overdubbed and arranged in herzebrock, germany; innsbruck, austria and biel, switzerland, april – november 2010

mixed and sequenced by adrian benavides and marziano fontana

mastered by lee fletcher

album artwork and design by bernhard wöstheinrich

produced by centrozoon, adrian benavides and marziano fontana for unsung productions

centrozoon “Fire” – online broadcast

centrozoon performing "Fire"
centrozoon performing “Fire”

centrozoon “Fire” – online broadcast of the upcoming live album at www.welle303.com Sunday, July 1st, 8 pm CEST

centrozoon’s “Fire” documents the complete evening of recordings at the foyer of Gütersloh’s town hall in June 2011.

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live sound-scapes in a steel globe

On occasion of the 150th anniversary of the municipal utilities of the city of Gütersloh (Stadtwerke Gütersloh) a sound installation/performance is staged at a disused gas tank.

The huge steel globe at the head office of the municipal utilities will be used as an ultra-large soundbox for atmospheric sound-scapes.

Vocal samples by Gudrun Elpert-Resch. 

The performance will be broadcasted live at www.stadtwerke-gt.de and www.gueterslohtv.de

Saturday, April 28
Time: 13:00 – 17:00
SWG Hauptverwaltung,
Berliner Str. 260,
33330 Gütersloh

Admission free!