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Meeting Two of a perfect Trio and preparing for my own performances

Photo shoot in front of the Iridium Club in New York
Photo shoot in front of the Iridium Club in New York

Yesterday I grabbed the chance to meet my friend, band collegue and business partner Markus Reuter at his current tour with the band Stick Men at the Iridium Club right at the Broadway in New York City.
At the afternoon they had a photo shoot on the broadway right in front of the club, which was of course an appropriate background for fancy photos. And so I also could not resist to ask my travel companion Olaf to take some photos of the shooting.

But today I have to prepare for my own shows, which will take place on this weekend. The first one will be the Equinoxygene Festival at the Wilson Auditorium Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack, and one day later on sunday I will play on the Soundscape Concert Series in Nazareth.

After the concert I also met Tim Motzer who runs the 1kstudios, and who does the 1k Sessions webcast. He told me then that the time for our conjoined performance has been postponed, it will now take place on Oct. 11, hence it is now the very last performance scheduled on my North East Tour.

Please refer to my tour schedule for further details about the venues and the times etc.