Performing at the ‘Gütersloh Polyphony’ together with Markus Strothmann

Gütersloh Polyphony Vol. VI
Markus Strothmann and me at the 'Gütersloh Polyphony' Event series

Three excerpts from the concert at the ‘Gütersloh Polyphony’ event series from February the 19th 2012 at the small stage at the boiler house. Markus Strothmann at the Drums.

Thank you:
Julia Peschke, Wolfgang Hein, Uwe Brameier (, Carsten Panitz, Olaf Tilsner, Markus Reuter, Detlef Güthenke

Markus Strothmann’s very own style combining influences from rock and jazz music, giving his playing an edge. He has played with many popular artists of the German and the Dutch jazz music scene such as Frederik Köster, Jeanfrançois Prins, Norbert Gottschalk, Nippy Noya, Bart van Lier, John Hondorp and many more.
He also is a dedicated teacher, giving lessons at the “ArtEZ College of Arts” in Enschede, the Netherlands. Furthermore he is busy researching the network of jazz music in Europe.

The fusion of Bernhard’s synthesizer and Markus vintage kit created a unique mesmerizing sphere, which inspired them to extensive improvisations.

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