Gütersloh Polyphony Vol. VII: Danish Soundclouds with Erik Emil Eskildsen

Erik Emil Eskildsen live on stage
Erik Emil Eskildsen live on stage

Erik Emil Eskildsen, a danish touch guitarist specializing in improvised music, soundscapes and spectral processing, will perform at the Gütersloh Polyphony event series together with me.

Erik Emil Eskildsen at the Polyphony Event Series
Erik uses the laptop as an “extension” of his touch guitar to create textural layers of sounds.
On the concert we will perform together basically just playing the piano and the 8-String Touch Guitar. The signal will be then digitally processed by a generative set-up which will create a complex electro-acoustic sound-set.

Visually it will be accompanied again by the mystifying and enigmatic projections by the photographer Detlef Güthenke

Also listen to Eskildsens release debut “Slow Fire Burning Gently“.

Old boiler house / Kesselhaus der Gütersloher Weberei.
Sunday, 18th of March
start time: 20:00, admittance from 19:30.

Kleine Bühne e.V.
c/o Die Weberei
Bogenstr. 1-8
33330 Gütersloh / Germany

entrance fee: 5 €


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