centrozoon – fire

“Fire” documents the complete evening of centrozoon recordings at the foyer of Gütersloh’s town hall in June 2011.

Taking place five months ahead of the “We Will Tongue You 2011/2012” Tour, the Fire session was scheduled with the primary intention of recording audio and video material to promote centrozoon’s renewed intention of presenting their music live, and to acquire more gigs for the tour. It also marked the band’s first time playing together in over 18 months, so while there was no audience present, the recordings served both as a “sound check” and as way to shorten the wait until the tour.



Recorded and filmed on June 14, 2011 at Rathausfoyer, Gütersloh, Germany
Bernhard Wöstheinrich – software synths
Markus Reuter – Touch Guitars® U8 Deluxe
Tobias Reber – electronics
Mixed by Adrian Benavides, Austin TX, USA

Mastered by Lee Fletcher, Paignton, United Kingdom
Thank you: Rathaus Gütersloh, Wolfgang Hein, Mia Plaßmann


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