Live in Concert: A global quartet of improvisors at Cafe Jää Äär

A global quartet of diverse improvisors appears
at the coolest new venue at the edge of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding.
May 2nd, 8pm
Cafe Jää Äär
Brunnenstrasse 56
(near Bernauerstrasse U-Bahn)

admission 5 euros.

The Redundant Rocker is honoured to perform together with those three musicians:

Johannes Bergmark (amplified objects, constructions, saw) makes surrealist musical object theatre with an evolutionary meta-instrument or amplified stage called the Platform, a surrealist puppet play of toys, tools, kitchen utensils, materials, weird and kitch decorative things and junk found on streets and flea markets. The objects bring their history and connotations as well as their often microscopic sound potentials on the little stage, made from a cupboard door with a hidden contact microphone under the floor, suspended over the table with a clamp like a springboard into a poor man’s utopia where the junk dances the funk on its own terms. JB has been an increasingly touring free lance musician since he graduated as a piano builder 1996.

Chris Heenan
Chris Heenan

Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet, has developed a formidable solo voice on his wind instruments, particularly with the contrabass clarinet where he uses extended techniques, often incorporating multiphonics with surprising results, to reveal the subtleties inherent to the instrument. He performs regularly in the U.S. and Europe, featured on such festivals as Stuttgarter Saxofonfestival, Projektgruppe Neue Musik Festival, Bremen; Improvised and Otherwise, Brooklyn, NY; Experimental Intermedia, New York.

David Rothenberg
David Rothenberg

David Rothenberg, musician and philosopher, records on ECM and teaches at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and UdK. He is the author of Why Birds Sing, Thousand Mile Song, Survival of the Beautiful, and his latest, Bug Music. He has twelve CDs out. Rothenberg is currently based in Berlin.

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