Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Matt Howarth – Precious Herd

Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Matt Howarth - The Precious Herd

releases 15 November 2014 | A novice wrangler escorts the Precious Herd as it crosses Bone Desert. Will he be capable enough to guard it from hazardous threats, and lead the herd back to the safety of the city?

The Precious Herd, the latest release from Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Matt Howarth, is an audible exploration of an alien landscape… an ethereal invitation to explore the hauntingly beautiful terrain. You feel as if you know this place, yet with each step, you discover quite unexpected and delightful details. This discovery, the wonder, the beauty, keeps drawing you in further even though the hairs on the back of your neck hint that something slightly sinister is possibly slithering up behind you. You must trust, drop your guard, and continue. You won’t be disappointed.

Kathy Starkey

Composed, performed, and recorded by Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Drawings and title: Matt Howarth

Post-production, mix and mastering by Markus Reuter at John’s Studio, Berlin

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