DiN Records – Fully Comprehensive Graphic Design Support

Unveiling my works from my professional life as a graphic designer in this series of blog posts.

“Right from the outset I wanted the DiN label to have a visual identity not only in its visual content but the way it was designed. Whilst it is all too tempting to do this kind of thing yourself there’s no substitute for what a skilled designer can bring to the table. Bernhard came on board for DiN10 and right up to the latest release numbered at DiN66 he has brought an elegance of design and simplicity of layout that has been exactly what I envisaged for DiN all those years ago in 1999 when I set out on this journey.” – Ian Boddy


The work I carry out for DiN records:
· Illustration
· Logo and Corporate Design
· Layout
· Web Design
· Image Processing
· Pre-Press Handling

Let me know if you’d like to work on a project of yours together.

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