centrozoon – 217 release series

The complete edition

In November 2016 centrozoon, consisting of Markus Reuter and myself, went on a 20th anniversary tour to the US.
On this tour we were mixing our space music and experimental electronica in varying ratios, depending on the nature of the context we were performing in.
Having started to perform together in 1996, this series of concerts is a personal celebration of a long-term artistic collaboration.

We recorded each of those performances and we are making them available in our 217 series releases.

George Bley, or tour manager, driver and jack-of-all-trades, wrote down a few lines of his very personal reflections for each evening & release.

These recordings are unedited and the mix is just like what was going out to the P.A. that night. That might include clicks and digital dropouts.


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